Referendum or Revenge???

As I’m sure anyone who’s reading this is aware, we in Ireland have a referendum coming up in the summer of 2012. This referendum is on whether we should agree to the European Fiscal Treaty being pushed by Germany.

I’m not going to get into the rights or wrongs of the treaty, because I haven’t read enough into it yet and don’t know which way I’ll be voting.

What I do know, is that we in Ireland don’t tend to vote well when it comes to referenda. We tend to take our anger at the government out on the referendum topic. No matter what the consequences are to us as a people. If the government are making unpopular choices, and a referendum comes up that they are looking for a yes vote in, then we as a people tend to vote no, just to stick it to them and show them we’re not happy with them.

This often leads to the farcical situation where we have to have a re-vote on the referendum and once we’ve gotten the dissent out of our system we vote yes. Why do we take our anger out on these very serious topics? Why do the opposition parties always, shall we say, “embellish” their point and make the topic into something it isn’t.

As a result we get confused and vote wrong. What I’d like to do, is to plead with the Irish people not to rely on the news and the parties endorsing either side of the argument for their information on this very important topic.

Get your computer out, get onto google and search for information! Find out the important points for yourself, don’t listen to the vitriolic rants of the opposition parties, and don’t listen to the pleads from the Government. Do educate yourself on the topic, and do make your own mind up based on the facts.

I’ve started looking into this and from what I’ve read so far this treaty will have an impact on our economy no matter which way we vote.

I’m imploring you please don’t try to take your frustrations out on this referendum. Unlike Nice and Nice II, this referendum will not have any effect on the rest of Europe if we vote No. The majority of the rest of Europe have already signed up to this treaty, which means it is going ahead. If we vote no they will simply continue on without us. So voting no will not cause Europe any issues and they will not care how we vote.

So educate yourselves and make the right choice this summer. We can’t afford to make the wrong choice this time.

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