No Side Tactics

When it comes down to it, I believe the actions of a group of people really shows how they think and what they believe in. I would like to think that in a referendum debate, that both sides would use reasoned arguments, based in fact, to put their views across.

This unfortunately is not the case, while the Yes side in the upcoming Fiscal Compact Treaty referendum are discussing the facts of the treaty, the No side are making the referendum into exactly what I hoped it wouldn’t, I even predicted it in an earlier post. They’re making it into a, punish the Government for past transgressions, type of affair. Lets face it, we were managed badly as a country for years, The banks screwed us, and we in a general election voted in Labour and Fine Gael, now with a little over a year in office we’re baying for their blood because they haven’t fixed all the issues created by Fianna Fail who had basically been in power since 1987, in 15 months.

I personally believe we should give them the chance to fix the country, let them have their four years, and re-assess them based on their full term in office. The country doesn’t need knee jerk reactions based on what the Government has done in its comparatively minuscule time in power , we need reasoned debate of facts. That and only that will allow us to see where we currently are, and where we are headed as a country.

Personally, the more I look at it, the more I’m leaning towards a yes vote on Thursday. Why you might ask am I doing that? Well I’ve listened to the debates on The Last Word, I’ve read the newspaper articles, and I’ve read about it on the internet on webpages and on web forums. Every place I’ve looked I’ve seen reasoned debates coming from the Yes side and I’ve seen name calling, mud slinging, and deception coming from the No side. There are even campaign posters calling for “No to Water Charges”. This referendum has nothing to do with water charges, in case you believe it does.

I have also seen something that shows exactly the kind of people that are running the No side. In Limerick I’ve seen streets full of No campaign posters, and nothing but cable ties where the Yes posters had previously been. Why if they have a decent argument do the No side need to pull down the posters of the Yes side and replace them with No posters?

Why if they have a decent argument do the No side need to vandalise the posters of the Yes side?

Stability to instability on a Yes campaign poster in Limerick.

And why if they have a decent argument do they not just deal with the facts instead of muddying the waters with talk of water charges and previously introduced taxes?

Why? In my opinion, the person who reaches for these kind of tactics in a debate are the ones who don’t actually know what they’re talking about.

The Yes side seems to have a reasonable, well thought out campaign that doesn’t rely on hyperbole, or false allegations to make its point. These are the reasons I feel I will be voting yes on Thursday, unless the No side can get their act together and come up with a good reason why I should vote no between now and Thursday.

For those of you still undecided, there is a great summary of exactly what the treaty proposes on the politics forum. Written by forum moderators under the screen names “Lockstep” and “Scofflaw”. This helped me understand what the treaty was about better than any other source I’ve read while making my decision on how to vote.

So it’s Tuesday afternoon, you have until Thursday to make up you mind. I’ve pretty much made up mine. I will once again urge you to have a proper read of what is happening before you make up your mind. Whether you vote yes or no, at least make it a well informed decision and not one based on the unsavoury tactics of the no side.

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