I’m a geek,

There I said it, a geek. I like comic books, and movies. I like card games like Magic the Gathering, and Legend of the Five rings. I play computer games and use Ubuntu Linux on my main laptop. I Like Star Trek, Wars and Gate, in fact pretty much every Star franchise. I have a copy of the Star Trek encyclopedia. I can name the star ship class of every Enterprise and I know what a Rebel Blockade Runner, an A wing and a sun crusher are. Some of my favourite T-shirts are from sites like mental floss or Qwertee, full of geeky puns and hidden meaning. I know that in magic, having a plated slagwurm with mythic proportions is an expensive but pretty good place to be when playing.

On Sky my stations of choice start at Channel 520, I watch obscure deadpan comedies, like the IT Crowd, Arrested Development and Seinfeld. I read books like the Game of Thrones series, and the legend that is Douglas Adams, with his amazing trilogy in five parts, that is the Hitch-hikers Guide to the Galaxy. I laugh at memes, and I cried when Spock died at the end of Star Trek 2: The Wrath of Khan. I finish out every evening with my wife by going through the RSS feed of Reddit’s top pictures.

I love being a geek, but despite it being “Chic” at the moment, what does it really mean to be a geek? To live and breathe within the worlds created by sci-fi writers? To read books that have complex themes and characters and to spend an inordinate amount of time playing games and surfing the net? The Chic Geek crowd are no more geek than most people. The real geeks are the ones who envelope themselves in their geekiness. Wearing thick rimmed glasses and a check shirt does not make you a geek. Your love for the offbeat side of life is what makes a geek. The ability to be open to so many other forms of entertainment, than just going to clubs and watching TV. The ability to talk, in-depth, for hours about your favourite book series and how you believe it will end. The ability to enjoy the things that others don’t and not care. These things all help make a geek what they are.

I like to think that the games I play help me think, they help to clear and focus my mind, by having me concentrate on strategy, by becoming part of the world my games occupy for a brief period of time. The TV shows I watch are, for the most part, informative. I get to learn by sitting on my couch, and staring at the screen. Don’t get me wrong I love my fair share of cop shows too, and I will pretty much watch almost anything. Just not that reality TV stuff where idiots make fools of themselves on national/international television in an effort to grab their 15 minutes of fame.

My music taste is actually pretty varied, with everything from classical to metal, again excluding pop and R&B and “gangsta rap”. I’m not quite sure what that has to do with being a geek, but I appear to be rambling again. I do that.

Back on topic, I love my comics, sure I could read a “grown up book” as some people have told me, but with a comic you get to go along with the character, it’s a very fluid form of story telling, unlike a regular book, a comic book author doesn’t have to spend an age describing the scene to the reader. That’s taken care of in the panels of the comic, by some amazingly talented artists. They can just get on with the story, the thoughts of the characters, and the dialogue. Everything else is taken care of in the art.

Sci-Fi plays a large role in the life of a geek, I love sci-fi for a number of reasons. If you take Star Trek for example a lot of what we have today was first shown in Star Trek as far back as the ’60s. They had communicators which were precursors to mobile phones. In The Next Generation they used Padds which were basically tablet computers. Sci-fi, in most cases, shows us a world which we can aim for. In other cases it shows us a dystopian future, which less face it, isn’t all that great.

What else is there? Well there’s my love of model making, and collecting things, for example props from movies, my love in general of movies. I could sit and talk for hours about movies.

So I’m going to wrap this up, by hitting save on Libre Office Writer, shutting down Ubuntu and going to see if I can find some educational programming to watch(like Mythbusters, or maybe How it’s Made).

Good Night.

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